Advantages of Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are special tools used in the manufacture of components to locate and hold workpieces in the correct alignment and orientation during machining operations. Often used in place of each other, the primary purposes of jigs and fixtures are in providing repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability in the manufacturing of products while holding the work in a fixed location. With this specific set of functions, jigs and fixtures are able to provide the following advantages:


cnc precision machined components



The elimination of the individual marking, positioning and frequent checking enables jigs and fixtures to reduce operation time, during which productivity and efficiency will increase. The high clamping rigidity also bring about an increase in speed, feed and depth of cut.


Cost Reduction

Due to higher productivity, the production rate is increased. Together with the reduction in scrap, the easy assembly of jigs and fixtures as well as the savings in labour costs, the unit cost will subsequently be reduced also.


Interchangeability and Quality

Facilitating mass production of components without the need for selective assembly, jigs and fixtures perform their functions with high degree of accuracy and uniform quality. Along with a competitive cost, all similar components are interchangeable.


Skill Reduction

As the process of locating and clamping of the work pieces are simplified, it is no longer a necessity to employ skilled workers to operate the jigs and fixtures. With the tool guiding elements ensuring correct positioning of the tools with respect to the work pieces, jigs and fixtures therefore help to save labour costs.


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