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There isn’t a set assembly machine design procedure to follow for designing brand-new machine. However, there are several overriding key factors that dictate the overall design: price and practicality. Here’s how an equipment design designer would go about designing a machine:

assembly machine design

Assembly Machine Design Procedure:

  1. Making the composed statement: A written statement detailing the issue that the machine needs to address. This statement needs to be clear and detailed.
  2. Think about the possible mechanisms: When designing the machine take into consideration all feasible systems before choosing the most effective one based on what’s needed and/or available.
  3. Material selection: Select the appropriate materials for each and every component of the device based on the expected mechanical stresses expected and prices.
  4. Dimensions of the machine elements: Determine the suitable dimensions for the device, taking into consideration the pressures acting on it, its material, as well as design stress.
  5. Find allowed tension: All the machine elements are subjected to tension of differing magnitude. By taking into account the different forces acting upon the device and its material it is possible to gauge the strength of the machine.
  6. Transmitted pressures: The machine is comprised of many components which receive different levels of pressure and stress. Determine the pressures acting on each component as well as the mechanical energy being transferred to them.
  7. Refer to past design experience: If you have previous experience of designing device components or documentation on past contractors, make use of them.
  8. Make drawings: After determining the needed materials, equipment and technical specifications, make the assembly drawings of the whole machines as well as detailed drawings of all the elements of the equipment. In the illustrations clearly specify the dimensions, the total number of units required and method manufacturing. The designer should additionally specify the reliability, surface area coating as well as other relevant specifications for the machine elements.

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