We offer a complete range of industrial automation design services and build custom-tailored machines that best fits your precise specifications. We provide turnkey automation solutions for various industries.

Type of Products Design & fabricated:-

  • Automatic drilling machine.
  • Automatic Chamfering machine.
  • Face Milling machine.
  • HDD Drill & Tap machine.
  • Automatic Pin insert machine.
  • Vision inspection machine.
  • Etc.(based on customer request).

Oil & Gas

We specialised in providing CNC precision machined components and complete turnkey solution to the oil and gas industry. Our facilities, CNC machinery and teams who are experienced in a varienty of materials, such as exotic and super alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, engineering plastic will bring about higher productivity, efficiency and output by reducing downtime.

Type of Components we supply as Turnkey & Machine Complete such as based on customer drawing:-

  • Lock Mandrels.
  • bore.
  • Piston.
  • Adapter.
  • Fishing Neck.
  • Mandrels.
  • Reduce adapter.
  • X-Over.
  • Sub-top / sub-bottom.
  •  Seal.
  • Bladder.
  • Closing Sleeve.                               
  • Coupling.
  • Body Joint.
  • Landing Nipple.
  • Piston Mandrel.
  • Shear Sleeve.
  • Pup Joint & Etc.



Jig & Fixture

With the right jig and fixture design, we are able to help our valued customers save money as well as time in manufacturing operations. We custom design and build jigs and fixtures according to your exacting requirements.

Type of Products Design & fabricated:-

  • Assembly Fixture.
  • Tester Fixture.
  • QC Checking Machine.
  • Cutting Punches & Dies.
  • Test Plug & Caps.
  • Base holder.
  • Dimension checking jigs.
  • BGA Socket Fabrication.
  • Drifts.
  • Milling & Turning Fixture.
  • (based on customer request).

Finished Products:

The machined components supplied by us are mainly used by the customer for assemble of finished products.

industrial automation design services

Our Core Business

♦ Precision Milling

♦ Precision Turning

♦ Precision Grinding

♦ Precision Wire Cut

♦ Precision EDM

 ♦ Tools & Dies Making

♦ Precision Jig & Fixture

♦ BGA Socket Fabrication

♦ Steel Fabrication Works

♦ Design & Development

♦ Assembly & Sub-Assembly

♦ Automation

♦ Food & Beverage

♦ Project Management

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